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Actual cases and proceedings with our involvement are in the panel to the right.

Telecom regulatory work can encompass many different activities - some examples follow:

Proceedings that address the implementation of new rules and regulations promulgated by the FCC and State Commissions. The Triennial Review Order by FCC (TRO) is one example referenced in our work in 2003 and 2004.

Antitrust reviews, audits, proceedings & suits,

Formal arbitrations with Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs) which often involve negotiations and litigation.

Regulatory collaboratives – which address industry issues under the supervision of Regulatory administrators.

Proceedings that establish pricing of retail and wholesale products provided by the Regional Bell Operating Companies ( RBOC )

Litigated proceedings that allow the RBOCs to offer Long Distance Service ( 271 ) under provisions of the FCC Telcom Act.



Professionals working for you.



November 2003 to June 2004

John White witnessed for Verizon in the cases listed below and, in conjunction with Robert Brant, also with 8 Degree Research & Consulting, provided support and data analysis in connection with the following testimony.

California TRO (R95-04-043, L95-04-044) regarding Loop, Transport, Line Splitting, and Hot Cuts:

Initial Testimony - 11/20/03,
Supplemental Testimony - 12/30/03,
Rebuttal Testimony - 1/16/04.
Work Shop and Technical Session - 12/15/03
Witnessed at Formal Hearings - 1/28/04 to 1/30/04.

Florida TRO (030852-TP) regarding Loops andTransport:

Initial Direct Testimony - 12/22/03,
Supplemental Direct Testimony – 1/09/04
Witnessed at Formal Hearings - 3/03/04

Massachusetts TRO (DTE 03-60) regarding Loops, Transport and Hot Cuts:

Initial Testimony - 11/14/03,
Supplemental Testimony - 12/19/03,
Reply Testimony - 2/25/04.
Proceeding stayed

Rhode Island TRO (PUC 550) regarding Loops and Transport:

Direct Testimony - 12/08/03.

New Jersey TRO (TO 03090705) regarding Loops and Transport:

Supplemental Testimony - 1/16/04.
Hearings - 04/13/04.
Bulk Hot Cut Hearings - 5/24/04

Maryland Hot Cuts (MD 8988):

Reply Testimony - 2/11/04.

Pennsylvania Hot Cuts (M0031754):

Panel Declaration - 1/28/04

Prior to November 2003 John White and Robert Brant were Verizon employees. They worked on the following Regulatory Issues and Proceedings:


Illinois Advanced Services (02-0560)

New Hampshire LFACS/Loop Qualification (DT 02-228)

New York Hot Cut (02-C-1425)

New York DSL (00-C-0127)

Pennsylvania NMP (P-00930715F02)

New York Covad Arbitration (02-C-1175)

Florida Covad Arbitration (020960-TP)

Pennsylvania Covad Arbitration (A-310696F700)


District of Columbia UNE (DC-962)

District of Columbia 271 (DC-1011)

Illinois Advanced Services (IL-02-05-60)

Maine 271

Maryland 271(MD-8921)

Maryland Price Cap (MD-8919)

Massachusetts UNE (DTE-1-20)

Massachusetts Line Splitting (DTE TT 01-68)

New Hampshire UNE (DT 01-206)

New Jersey 271 (TO 01090541)

Pennsylvania UNE (PA00016683)

Rhode Island UNE (RI-22681-II)

Virginia 271 (PUC-2002-00046)

West Virginia 271 (WVA02-0809TP)

California UNE (CA-00-09-024) Technology Overview

Florida PSC –Technology Overview

Michigan PSC –Technology Overview

Washington PSC – Technology Overview


Delaware UNE (96-324)

Maryland UNE (MD 8879)

New Jersey UNE (TO 00060356)

New York UNE (98-C-1357)

New Hampshire 271 (DT-1-151)

New Jersey 271 (TO 01090541)

Pennsylvania 271 (M-0001435)

Vermont 271 (6533)

Maryland Sprint Arbitration (MD 8887)

Virginia FCC Arbitration


New Jersey UNE (TO 00060356)

New York UNE (98-C-1357)

Pennsylvania UNE (R-00005261)

Maryland DSL Services & Line Sharing (MD 8842)

Massachusetts DSL Services & Line Sharing (DTE 98-57)

New York DSL Services & Line Sharing (00-C-0127)

Pennsylvania Line Sharing Arbitration (A-310696F0002)

Connecticut 271 (97-01-23)

Massachusetts 271 (DTE 99-271)

Pennsylvania 271 (M-0001435)

Verizon Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland vs. AT&T arbitration cases.

Regulatory cases prior to 2000 available upon request



John L. White


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